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The Equalizer 2 – Denzel Kicking Ass & Taking Names
12 months ago

The Equalizer 2 – Denzel Kicking Ass & Taking Names

This past weekend the movies The Equalizer 2 was # 1 at the box office taking in 35.8 million knocking out Mamma Mia. Its a far cry from the 3.8 million box office start with the first Equalizer in 2014. It stars the two time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington who is playing in he first ever sequel to a movie in his 30 year career. 

The film is director of the film is also the Legendary Antoine Fuqua, he is the creator of the classic Training Day also staring Washington. It was the movie that win him his two Oscar in 2002.  

Washington plays Robert McCall a ex special agent who helps the everyday person who can’t help or protect themselves. In part 2 of the movies McCall takes massive revenge on the same assassins after they kill his best friend and fellow special agent Susan Plummer.

The film includes action and great acting but with Denzel Washington that’s no surprise. 

This film is rated R.

Five out of five starts 

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