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Beyoncé & Jay-Z

Beyoncé & Jay-Z

“Ya’ll gon have to watch us eat”

The Carters spilling the tea and so much more.

Beyoncé, and Jay Z don’t need an introduction as they tell all of their listeners in their new song “Heard About Us”. This iconic couple has gone through a metamorphosis of sorts, with Jay bringing us 444, and Beyoncé bringing us Lemonade, many fans were interested in what was next for the Carters.  The Carters have been on their OTRII tour, meeting with fans, and doing what they do best, so we didn’t know what to expect with their new album titled “EVERYTHING IS LOVE”.  “EVERYTHING IS LOVE” features nine songs from the carters titled “Apeshit”, “Boss”, “Nice”, “Summer”, “Friends”, “713”, “Heard About Us”, “Black Effect”, and “Love Happy”. Each song ranging in different emotions and tones, than what we are accustomed to hearing from this superstar couple. Jay discusses topics of wealth, love, going in and out of court, and even tackling issues with the NFL, and the Super bowl saying in their song “Apeshit” “ I said no to the Super Bowl: you need me I don’t need you, Every night we in the end zone , tell the NFL, we in stadiums too”. Jay Z also highlighted the intense feeling of being wealthy and being black as he has recently been in and out of court, for dealings with Tidal stating in their song “Nice”, “After all these years of drug trafficking huh, time to remind me I’m Black again huh? All this talking back I’m too arrogant , hug?”.  This album is definitely a Beyoncé, and Jay spill the tea , about everything they are feeling from the inside and the outside including the recent affair that the couple made public as Beyoncé continues to fight for their love stating “ Last name gon be here forever , I got the Rocs and the Fella, Ice lighting bolts from the Heavens, Ya’ll just gon have to watch us eat” and eat they will. This billionaire couple also discusses black excellence and wealth stating  “ My great-great-grandchildren already rich , that’s a lot of brown children on your Forbes List”. Being the A listers that they are many people are intrigued and wanting to hear this album in full context, you can listen to it on itunes, tidal, and spotify.

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